Aqua Flora Spectacle - CODAworx

Aqua Flora Spectacle

Client: National Dendrological Park "Sofiyivka"

Location: Uman, Ukraine

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $110,000

Project Team

Igor Velikiy


Igor Muhin



DION presents «Aqua Flora Spectacle,» a breathtaking installation that orchestrates an aquatic ballet within two exquisite fountains. These structures cradle a flourishing display of 240 flowers, each meticulously crafted from the highest quality artistic glass and copper, epitomizing the essence of an endless spring. Soft streams of water flow from these fragile blooms, weaving a tranquil dance of light and droplets.

The core of each fountain is illuminated by four powerful LED lights, which enhance the sculpture’s vibrancy and cast mesmerizing patterns of light across the surrounding areas. These visual effects not only highlight the unique beauty of the copper and glass flowers but also create a dreamlike atmosphere around the fountains. Equipped with an advanced water filtration and disinfection system, the fountains stand as a beacon of purity and artistic integrity, demonstrating DION’s dedication to blending art with environmental stewardship. Each fountain spans an area of 3×3 meters and rises to a height of 2 meters, showcasing DION’s skill in merging art, technology, and nature into harmonious and impactful installations.


The «Aqua Flora Spectacle» installation was conceived for a prominent park and entertainment complex, aiming to demonstrate that human creativity can mirror nature’s beauty. This installation juxtaposes naturally occurring floral beauty with man-made artistry in glass, copper, and flowing water, creating a stunning artificial spectacle that complements its natural surroundings.

Additional Information

The installation took 5 months to create.