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Vinogradar Living Area, Kiev, Ukraine

Submitted by Lyubov Muravyeva


Client: City of Kiev

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Completion date: 1993

Project Team


Lyubov Muravyeva


Eduard Bilsky



I wanted to construct in a real environment an emotionally charged image directed at someone who passes by continuing to sound within him. I begun to gather available to me visual resources – shape, line, color, volume, started to research mutual relations of all means among themselves and with the surrounding environment. I aspired to receive synthesis of means of influence.. The purpose was to introduce emotional sounding into an inhabitancy – to humanize the industrial city environment. The genre, the media, and the style I tried to create I would name Synthesis.


Here is how I approached this task in my installations.
• “The Spring”: in this composition forms freely reach upwards resembling the treetops of a forest. The eye follows the effortlessly moving shapes bringing the joyful feeling of growth, springing up, Spring. The material is a high temperature ceramic (stoneware, enamels).
• “The Summer Day”. Here, the sense of a soft summer day is created by the color spots and how they relate to each other. This was done with the intent to invoke a peaceful, gracious state of mind (media - stoneware, enamels)
• “Together Through the Flame”. The young girl and a horse (human and nature) are running together towards the fire. This fire represents the grave danger that awaits our world if people don’t start paying attention to their habitat. Moving clouds are bringing en effect that the light composition is moving, helping the viewer to believe that the obstacle (this flame threatening to engulf the Earth) can be overcome. The material – copper sheet with enamel.


I discussed my proposals and worked in close contact with Eduard Bilsky - the leading architect of the Vinogradar Living Area. After we agreed on the main aspects of the proposed installation and architectural environment, Eduard Bilsky was a key driving force who was promoting our solutions through the harsh environment of the Soviet bureaucracy. He also helped greatly in providing the fabrication facilities and organizing the installation of the compositions.

Additional Information

We presented here only four compositions created during almost twenty years of my collaboration with architect Eduard Bilsky on our attempts to create a humanistic leaving environment. The overall project includes about 12 compositions through the locality zone. You can visit my website at to see some of the other composition and the additional materials on the Project