Client: Municipality of San sebastian

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Completion date: 2011

Project Team

Industry Resource

Jon Mezquía

Oxicortes de Gallarta

Industry Resource

Tinin Quintin

Curvados Quintin


Txuri Aranburu

Ayto Donostia


Donostiako Udala - Municipality of San Sebastian

Donostiako Udala - Municipality of San Sebastian



Carbon steel quality S275JR
Thickness of the plate 30 mm

4 meters x 2.5 x 2.5 meters

Openwork of the numbers by oxyfuel

All welds with total penetration.

It is located in the Gardens of the Aiete Palace, today this building is dedicated to conferences, symposia, exhibitions and meetings related to peace and human rights.
The call required a monument or milestone in memory of the victims of the Spanish civil war.


I have been impressed by the American memorials, ones with all the names of the victims of the war, the name that names each deceased person was the best tribute of respect, attending to each person as such.
In Spain, all the data bases were erroneous and incomplete, due to my project could be an affront more to the victims.
I decided that: given the impossibility of naming all the names, I would name every year. And so it was, the year of the fascist uprising in 1936 and ended in 1975, the death of the dictator, although the last ones was the dark years for freedom so the work ends in suspension points (...)

Main target was create an artistic work that gives tribute to the civil war victims.

I want to think that some numbers never said that much. At least for the Spanish.


It was an international sculpture competition.
Once they had chosen the artwork the only work in group was regarding the location, actually the location was determined in advance but details such as orientation, how to direct the door of the sculpture and the side of numbers regarding the palace.
It was a smoothy way to develop the project. The whole piece was completely done on my facilities and was shipped ready to place.