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Up Lifting

Submitted by Chard Chenier

Client: Ville de Montréal

Location: Montreal, Canada

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Annie Danino


Up Lifting embodies my best version of our changing world. I am an international artist executing unique public artworks, murals, and sculptures. My vision is intrinsically-related creations in public spaces: innovative designs for scientific/astronomy-related architecture, educational or healthcare offices, community and/or research institutions. (Please visit www.chardart.com to view artworks, awards, collections, exhibition list, publications, etc.)


Up Lifting creates Cosmistic artworks in public spaces for the upward and outward growth of our common humanity. Interactive, for change, for social evolution and the well-being of our planet. My project combines technological progressions into murals, paintings or sculptures. Up Lifting is a fusion of the best of both traditional and modern aesthetics.


The process of disseminating Up Lifting is primarily through e-marketing, social media and newsletters. WWW.CHARDART.COM promotes existing artworks while preparing proposals for commissions to submit for public and corporate spaces Research is in progress with inquiries submitted to the City of Montreal re: purchase of art based on employee quotas: https://artpublicmontreal.ca/en/public-art-montreal/ (companies obligated by provincial law to acquire art for public spaces, based on their quota of permanent employees)..

Additional Information

Projects can be a combination of interactive multimedia in tandem with mixed-media concepts. Proposals and cost estimates provided upon request, based on detailed specifications and budget stipulations from 10K to 500K. (Up to building-size prints can be printed and delivered of pre-existing images http://youtu.be/UP6gGjg4zIw)