Universal Delights

Submitted by Stephen T. Johnson


Client: METRO LA

Location: Universal City Metro Station, CA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $140,000

Project Team


Stephen T. Johnson

Stephen T. Johnson

Industry Resource

Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc.

Art Consultant

Erica Behrens, Director, NY Office

Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc.


Concept Summary: Celebration of the film and television industry and their universal repercussions through an exuberant juxtaposition of colors, shapes, and familiar imagery. The artwork is glass mosaics and measures 7 feet 5 inches by 66 feet 9.5 inches.


I worked closely with Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc. who did a stunningly beautiful translation of my design into glass mosaics. In addition, my project managers at Metro Art were also terrific to work with, helpful and full engaged in making this work a success.