UNITED #2 at Dovecote - CODAworx

UNITED #2 at Dovecote

Submitted by Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong

Client: Dovecote - Retail Interior Design Shop

Location: Westport, CT, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $11,900

Project Team


Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong

Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong Ceramics


Sarah Kaplan



The original installation, UNITED is comprised of 180 unique pairs of porcelain wings mounted in a circular arrangement with larger wings in the middle radiating to the smallest wings on the perimeter, creating a domed effect. It is 8 ft in diameter. The wings are drawn from the white dove, a symbol of peace. (see image with white wings)


For this project the client wanted to mount UNITED #2, (a scaled down version of the original) in the center window and light it at night to coordinate with the visual merchandising in the windows on either side to produce a dynamic visual display. She wanted to change the gelled lighting color midway through the display period, to coordinate with the newly dressed windows. The work transforms from white with a blush of color during the day and color builds in intensity as night falls. UNITED #2 is 5 ft in diameter and is comprised of 77 pairs of porcelain wings.


Each wing is unique and hand built and is hung on one nail at a 45 degree angle. The The work must be installed on a sheetrock surface (which was fabricated for this project). The wings are delicate yet sturdier than they appear. New unique versions of UNITED can be created from 4-8ft dia. in size. Different arrangements, lighting and video applications can be explored to suit the space in which the work is shown. (ex; a sweep, a triangle shape, etc).

Additional Information

The wall hung sculptures created with porcelain wings evoke a sense of calm or drama, depending on how they are lit, and can easily work as a statement piece in a hotel, hospital, church, building lobby, restaurant or large foyer. There are many facets of this work that can be explored further to create a unique visual presentation. The collateral photography and detail images of the work can be used for wallpaper, textiles, window vinyls and other creative uses.