Union Corners Nexus of Madison Wisconsin Project - CODAworx

Union Corners Nexus of Madison Wisconsin Project

Client: Commissioned by Gorman Co.

Location: Madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $217,000

Project Team


Benjamin Blaney

ART Research Enterprises


Becky Ault

ART Design Group


Nestled in the heart of Union Corners, Madison, WI, stand life-sized bronze sculptures that embody the spirit of history. Among them, a striking Union Soldier adorned with gold leaf, along with depictions of Union Tavern and the Ray-O-Vac Building. These captivating sculptures, installed at the behest of Gorman Co., contribute a unique charm to the onsite atmosphere.


The purpose of these historical sculptures is to enrich the pedestrian pathways surrounding the recently revitalized area. These sculptures are specifically crafted to serve as informative installations, enlightening the public about the vibrant local history.


The Union soldier sculpture underwent a meticulous transformation process, beginning with its initial clay sculpting. Utilizing the traditional lost wax casting technique, the clay model was cast into bronze, followed by a meticulous sealing process with 24-carat gold leaf.
The Bas relief sculptures, inspired by high-quality digital scans of historical images, underwent a unique process involving a combination milled 3d polystyrene patterns milled from the digital scans, then lost wax cast in high chromium stainless steel. Sculpted embellishments were intricately added during this process, complemented by the incorporation of fabricated elements. The sculptures then underwent a hand-pigmentation process with polychrome and were adorned with delicate gold leaf accents. Finally, the completed sculptures made their journey from our Lancaster, PA facility to Madison, WI, where they were installed during the summer of 2023.