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Uninvited Guests at Half Moon Bay

Submitted by Anthony Dallmann-Jones

Client: Charles Lindsay

Location: Palm Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Moon Shadow Etchers

Moon Shadow Etchers

Industry Resource

John Blazy

John Blazy Designs

Industry Resource

Joshua Marschie

Manowske Welding Corp.


The home, on Oceans Blvd, overlooking the Atlantic and a few blocks north of Donald Trump's Mar-A-Logo, with 15 foot ceilings was a perfect location for my 15th Light Sculpture in south Florida. This was, however, my first Light Sculpture with Crystals – rapidly becoming a trademark feature – completed in Florida. “Uninvited Guests …” is a wall-mounted sculpture, covering 15 feet x 8 feet. It features dichroic glass, lead crystals, a specially constructed 6 degree, 4-watt, LED lamp, among other things.Negotiations began in February and culminated in the completed and exciting project on August 1, 2018.


The Light Sculpture was to hold one end of an art corner, featuring Warhol's original pieces along with a piece by Chagall - Integrated into a home next to original Warhol's and Picasso's and colorized to augment.


Glass made by Moon Shadow Etchers and cut by Manowske Welding, along with design consulting with Zak Jones and the owners, Susan and Charles Lindsay. Onsite electrician made modifications prior to arrival - rewiring and snaking cable through the walls after covering the original and mis-located outlet to be used.

Additional Information

It took 3 months to design and tool, AFTER receiving the glass. Much discussion with owners over color and design scheme and placement. Electrician specs were exacting and most helpful. Lived on the premises in Palm Beach for 3 days to complete the process, after shipping tools and glass to the residence a week before.