Under the Gulf Of Maine - CODAworx

Under the Gulf Of Maine

Submitted by Randy Fein

Client: Eastern Maine Medical Center

Location: Bangor, ME, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team




Interior Designer

Patty Poe



Randy Fein


Waiting Room Lobby for Children’s Hospital in Northern Maine. The work is inspired by the marine life found in the diverse Eco-system in the Gulf of Maine. It is made up of 6 continuous relief tile compositions measuring 30 feet in length


The smooth integration for my art work into the hospital environment is a main goal. Ceramic art tile installation for a hospital environment must be durable and easy to clean. Kids come up to the artwork and touch and kiss the birds and fish all the time and this makes the work successful. The tile work had to fit around the seating area so people could sit back comfortable, harmonize with the color scheme etc.


LOTS of meeting. 225 talented artists applied for this commission and after 6 months of meetings, mockups and proposals ...I won the commission. Then came the collaboration with the architecture firm and the interior designer. The process went really smooth It took 18 month to create and install.

Additional Information

I want to do more work like this.