Undefined - CODAworx


Client: Buffalo Creek Art Center Sculpture Park

Location: Gardnerville, NV, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Eric Stein


Public Art Agent

Steve Hardy

Buffalo Creek Art Center


Sculpture designed and influenced from the artwork and writings of Yves Tangue and the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. fabricated steel approx. 94″x 107″x 270″ tall. Extensive below grad design and engineering to make the towers and other objects float.


My goal in this piece was to create a sculpture that honored Surrealism and integrated into the distinctive Serria Nevada mountains. Designed and commissioned for Buffalo Creek Art Center. Some of the piece was fabricated in ny NY studio and the final fabrication, painting, and installation was completed during a one month residency at Buffalo Creek Art Center in Gardnerville, Nevada in July 2018.


I designed and coordinated all below grade work while finishing the fabrication and painting. Work included working with the contractor, rigging operator and engineering. Ten yards of concrete with specially placed supports were required. All aspects were finished on time.

Additional Information

This sculpture, UNDEFINED, appears to defy balance and expresses potential movement or insecurity. The below-grade engineering which included a specially designed and reinforced concrete sub-base made this effect possible. My civil engineering experience was especially helpful;l in this installation.