Umbel Series - CODAworx

Umbel Series

Submitted by Jenni Ward

Client: Off Season Gardening Program

Location: Mariestad, Sweden

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


These bright red Umbels are a permanent installation as part of the Off Season Gardening program in Mariestad Sweden. The flowers are installed in Universitesparken’s Humle Plats along the river and walking path that runs through town. They tower above viewers at over 10′ high and are about 3′ wide at the top. Each flowerhead consists of nineteen smaller flower buds that each have nineteen tips on them, creating an energetic starburst effect.


The goal was to create a site specific sculpture that worked with the landscape of the park while also create something striking against the barrenness of the winter landscape in Sweden. The pieces were glazed bright red inspired by a common color used to paint buildings in the area, they also mimic the red berries left on the shrubs in the winter.


I worked with the city of Maristad to complete and install this sculpture. They provided equipment and labor for the actual installation as well as help fabricating the 'stems' and providing me space to assemble the pieces. The support I was given to bring this installation to life was fantastic.