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U.S. Census Bureau

Client: U.S. Census Bureau

Location: Suitland, MD, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Anita Glesta

U.S. Census Bureau


We are thrilled to embark on a unique collaboration with esteemed artist Anita Glesta to create a bespoke tile installation for the U.S. Census Bureau. This project aims to merge artistry with functionality, embodying the essence of the Census Bureau’s mission while infusing it with creativity and visual appeal.


The U.S. Census Bureau plays a pivotal role in collecting data that shapes governmental policies and resource allocation across the nation. As an organization deeply committed to accuracy and inclusivity, the Bureau sought to enhance its workspace environment by integrating artistic elements that reflect its core values.


Collaborative brainstorming sessions between Anita Glesta, our team, and representatives from the Census Bureau to conceptualize themes and motifs that resonate with the Bureau's mission and values.

Additional Information

Through our partnership with Anita Glesta, we aim to create a timeless masterpiece that not only beautifies the Census Bureau's environment but also encapsulates its values and significance in the fabric of American society. This bespoke tile installation stands as a testament to the Bureau's commitment to excellence, innovation, and the pursuit of a more equitable future for all.