Tyler Village Murals - CODAworx

Tyler Village Murals

Submitted by Tom Megalis

Client: Graystone Properties

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $31,000

Project Team


Dave Fleming

Graystone Properties


Tom Megalis


I was commissioned to produce murals that worked for the diverse people that work in Tyler Village. There is a grade school, high tech companies, creative companies and metal and wood shops. I decided to utilize bold shapes and execute them with acrylic paint. Dimensions are from 50 feet wide to 20' to 6'


The walls I picked all had remnants of the old Tyler Elevator factory from over 100 years ago. Many would say they were unsightly horrible exterior walls. This attracted me to the spaces. I integrated the hanging pipes, broken walls, hanging wires and left over machinery into my design. It was a nod to the past and way to bring animation and depth to the murals.


I began the project, like I begin any project, gathering material and images and history. I then looked at where the space is, who is in the area and who is the audience essentially who will digest these images on a daily basis. Who am I talking to? I processed the information and worked closely with my client Graystone with photoshop composite sketches of my proposed mural on the real wall. With this system I can very closely approximate what these murals will look like finished.

Additional Information

Part of what attracts me to industrial city walls is the opportunity to take something that many consider an "eye sore" and turn it into something not only beautiful but perhaps inspiring. In most of my work I like to use old found and recycled materials. The walls I chose here have old material still available on the surface. I had great joy in using the found materials and adding them to new stories.