Two Rivers in Turbulence - CODAworx

Two Rivers in Turbulence

Submitted by Koryn Rolstad

Client: PNC Bank Corporation-Data Center

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $180,000

Project Team


Tom Miller

Design TM


PNC Bank Corporation

PNC Bank


Medium: Aluminum frames and filtered Lexan Film
15’ x 20’ x 480’
Stainless Steel cable with laser cut wall brackets shaped as leaf forms.


The two major rivers converge at the area where the new Banking Facilities were developed and are very important to the history of Pittsburg, PA. The goal was to incorporate a continuous, flowing suspended sculpture that also incorporated the clerestory sun and shadows on the walls.


KRS wanted to incorporate the Monongahela, Allegheny rivers which flow into the Ohio River as a visual poetic story. This then allowed for the very long corridor to have some identity and spaces where some of the areas had the art flow down into the stairwells and kept the full idea of their river environment.

Additional Information

Metal hung ceiling corridor sculpture: anodized aluminum tubing, stainless steel cable and polycarbonate strips depicting the two rivers flowing into the Ohio River and its bridges & waterfalls that surround the city. 480' in length divided between two corridors and three atriums with 15' high skylight ceilings. Shadowing on corridor walls changes seasonally using the natural ambient light from the existing skylights. Built in a reclamation area as a key component to rebuilding the downtown center as a pedestrian-friendly city.