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Two Glaciers and a Bar

Client: Jägermeister US Inc.

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Designer, Sculptor, Project Manager and Installation

Amber Lelli

Amber Lelli Art

Assistant Sculptor

Tanner Pancake

Assistant Sculptor

Jeff Shaffer

Assistant Sculptor

Whitney Proper

Assistant Sculptor

Amanda Phillips

Transportation and Installation

Fort Houston Productions


Jägermeister U.S hosted an annual corporate event for their alcohol distributers and representatives. Amber was commissioned by Jäegermeister USA and Fort Houston Productions to create two large glaciers and a glacier bar for their national event. As well as a geometric ice bar and overhang.

After the event, these glaciers went on to live a life at the 2019 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival as part of the VIP Tents and Pavilions.

Materials: Sculpting Foam, Epoxy Coating, and Paint

Glacier One Dimensions: Circumference of 8’ x Height of 10’

Glacier Two Dimensions: Circumference of 8’ 12” x Height of 9’

Glacier Front Bar Dimensions: 20’ x 3’ x 42”

Glacier Back Bar Overhang Dimensions: 20’ x 4’ x 10’


• An oversized abstract sculpture bar that could functionally serve over 200 attendees.
• To create a sense of wonder and exploration for the audience.
• Large scale landmark sculptures that will ground the event and provide a sense of place.
• Abstract style of sculpture with the inspiration of glaciers, ice, and geometry.
• Three large scale sculptures to be constructed on a budget and on a time.


The original creatives handling this project fell through, so I was approached last minute to create these sculptures within two and a half weeks so they wouldn’t have to cancel the event.

I created a design, ordered materials, had assistant artists scheduled, and implemented a five phase plan within four days. Through the plan I created a very detailed schedule with time blocks and deadlines for each individual task and communicated this thoroughly to my team. I then sculpted and hard coated these 3 sculptures with help from my assistants within the two weeks. We delivered with installation team on the day of the event.

Additional Information

In the end, I had very happy and appreciative clients along with the successful creation of these sculptures that exceeded expectations. It cemented in me the importance of how essential the planning phase is to provide a pathway through even the most difficult challenges. I proved that following my five phase plan approach works even on projects that others would deem impossible due to the timeline. This project also influenced me to continue to serve others around me and build healthy and positive relationships with all of those in my field to the best of my ability, as those relationships are vital to large projects where team effort is needed.