Client: Colorado Creative Industries

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team

Structural Engineer

Robin Wendler

ZFA Structural Engineering

Bronze Foundry

Piero Mussi

Artworks Foundry


A gathering place for renewal and reflection in the courtyard of the Denver Justice Center, this integrated design features a bronze central sculpture of a whooping crane framed by plantings, granite sculptural seating and an artful granite paving pattern, all designed by WOWHAUS. An homage to Justice Ralph M.Carr, who courageously opposed Japanese internment in WWII, the crane is a symbol of justice and wisdom; it is also an endangered species that flies through this region; it is protected by law.


The goal of this commission was to honor Justice Ralph M. Carr while also creating a peaceful destination for workers in the Justice Center who often work in very stressful situations. Integration was essential to the success of the project. WOWHAUS worked closely with Fentress Architects and Civitas Landscape Architects to integrate our design within the overall plan for the courtyard; the resulting design creates a focal point for the space while also offering a peaceful place to contemplate quietly or sit with colleagues.


Close collaboration with Fentress Architects, Civitas Landscape Architects and the General Contractor was vital in ensuring that our artwork was effectively integrated within the existing courtyard design. Installation took place in the midst of final construction phases, with multiple contractors working on site simultaneously; this also required extensive collaboration and coordination.

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