Trust - CODAworx


Client: St. David's Center for for Child & Family Development

Location: Minnetonka, MN, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $85,000

Project Team


Wes Jones

Casting Creations


James Gabbert



“My goal was to capture the relationship between the students and the adults of St. David’s Center.” The result is best said by Julie Sjordal, St. David’s CEO, wrote to James saying: “I have been smiling since yesterday morning – when the sculpture was installed. The piece is absolutely beautiful – in every way – and as my children and best friend said when I sent them pictures last night – it absolutely captures the depth of emotion and sense of connection and trust that is represented in our work. I have now told the story to several people about your process of learning about St. David’s Center, observing the work and listening to our stories and reflections and about Tim’s support of that work. And how you took all of that in and then brought back this beautiful piece of art that captured the whole story.”
James Gabbert’s life-size “Trust” was installed at the St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development in Minnetonka MN on July 19, 2022.


The work was commissioned in remembrance of a Board Member, donor, and advocate who had recently passed.
Critical to the overall design was the orientation. As the adult represented the Center, the child was to be falling into the arms of the adult.


I spent a day listening to key stakeholders to get a sense of the spirit that filled this building and this community. I then created 3 sketches of concepts for the selection committee to consider. After our discussion one was selected and the process of scaling up and casting commenced. This included going to a rock quarry to select the ideal rock.

Additional Information

Shortly after the installation I came to touchup some paste wax. A women came out of the building and asked, "are you the artist?" She then said "Thank you. I love it. The adult is the school and the child is my son. It is perfect." We both cried.