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Tropic Episodes

Submitted by Michelle Weinberg

Client: Miami International Airport, Division of Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $55,000

Project Team


Michelle Weinberg

Industry Resource


AP Imaging


32 niches along a moving walkway connecting terminals at Miami International Airport required enhancement. The wall surface was affected by HVAC condensation, so we opted for standoffs from the wall, and art panels that could be de-installed and re-installed to accommodate wall upgrades. Enlivening a lackluster airport zone was accomplished.


The pedestrian experience of moving past nearly 240 linear feet on the moving walkway was the inspiration for Tropic Episodes. I conceived as the work as a giant film strip or changing game space that pedestrians (or players!) would experience as an unfolding. They could experience the narrative zooming in and out whether they entered from either end of the strip. Walking or gliding past scenes that transform from abstract geometry to architecture to interiors and back again, the viewer experiences something new at each step.


The airport's curatorial staff was extremely supportive and enthusiastic all the way. Their in-house design team produced an excellent catalog for distribution. Working closely with the printer/installer from proofs to test prints to installation was extremely important. This work was designed to accommodate any future contingencies for the site as dictated by the airport authority. With my participation, the panels may be re-arranged and re-installed in other locations in the airport.

Additional Information

Tropic Episodes includes an Augmented Reality component. Viewers are instructed via signage to download a free app for iOS phones in order to capture additional Tropic Episodes "Outtakes" that appear to float in space before their eyes. This interactivity increases viewer participation, and strengthens the "game space" experience.