Trilogy - CODAworx


Submitted by Bette Ridgeway

Client: Jary & Julie Shimer

Location: Rancho de San Juan, NM, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Bette Ridgeway

Ridgeway Studio


Jary & Julie Shimer



Patti Reuss

Ridgeway Studio


The sculpture is named Trilogy, representing body, mind and spirit.
They are fabricated aluminum towers with 3 equal sides with a slanted triangular top.
They are hand-finished with layers
of color and a final application of clear commercial automotive lacquer. The unusual thing about them is that the colors change in various light. At night
with solar spot lights, they appear to glow.


Project was designed to complement a property that has 360 views of mountains north of Santa Fe, NM. Trilogy represent body|mind|spirit - with its three sides. This art was created for this family and their lovely residence.


Fabricator, Eddie Crist, cut and welded the aluminum panels which were then assembled
to create each tower. Many layers of paint were applied using scumbling techniques....and a final 3 coats of clear auto finis were applied.
Towers are anchored into the ground with concrete. Solar uplighting creates mesmerizing transparencies at night.

Additional Information

Ridgeway depicts movement in her work, sometimes kinetic and full of emotion, sometimes bold and masterful, sometimes languid and tentative. She sees herself as the channel, the work coming it comes through her but it is not hers. It goes out into the world – it has a life of its own.