Tree of Light sculpture in Taiwan - CODAworx

Tree of Light sculpture in Taiwan


Location: Laiji Village, Taiwan

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


George Berlin

George Berlin Studios


Corbett Wall

Rebalance Renaissance


The Tashan Tree Of Light is a three story tall cascading and lighted beacon of hope crowned with glowing spires reaching to the seven continents and to heaven. George’s original signature whimsical designs, inspired by local folk art, evoke love, strength, roots, and hope. Our concept was to fire up a new source of art in the mountains – reconnecting and invigorating the local communities, rejuvenating tourist interest in the area’s nature, and fueling a healthy and prosperous linkage between the island’s coastal cities and the local tribe.

It sits at the mouth of a mountain valley running to the heart of the region, and was one of the hardest hit by the typhoon. George imagined and designed both the Tashan Tree of Light, and the companion Open Your Heart art sculptures for the village. These inspiring attractions would stand out as monuments, shining a bright new light on renewed community connection in the spirit of love, peace, and hope. They would create both literal and figurative gathering grounds helping to coax the community back together and sharing these blessings for all. Their creations would also create jobs, promote education, and further serve as fresh new long-standing tourist attractions.


Our goals were to inspire and connect with a landmark attraction in the village that could also become a center for art shows, events, and festivals that draw tourists in.


Designed with our local producer and created with our Taiwanese build teams in the mountains of Laiji Village, 5 hours from Taipei.