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Totem by Maximilian Pelzmann

Submitted by Vetus Art

Client: VYV Luxury Apartments

Location: Jersey City, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


VYV Luxury Apartments

VYV Luxury Apartments

Art Consultant

Green Villain

Green Villain


Located in Jersey City (474 Warren Street), the VYV Luxury Apartments are the new home for Maximilian Pelzmann‘s 309 cm high and 107 cm diameter ‘Totem’.

While focusing on the traditional Theories of Art, Pelzmann’s work delves into the impermanent and permanent forms encountered in our natural and artificial worlds. The sculpture is made of polystyrene foam, fiberglass, resins, mixed materials and paint.


Max's sculptures are exhibited in both Europe and the United States, enabling viewers to actually have the opportunity to physically interact with some of his larger works, which the artist feels breaks down some of the classical barriers that art should be seen and not touched.

“I firmly believe that artwork within our environment enriches our lives, as it becomes a part of signifying who we are as a society today and what our cultural identity is about. Throughout my creative process, I consolidate inspiration from the shapes, colours, and images within our organic and non-organic past and also from our further developing-technological and engineered world. In short, my goal is to create and exhibit artwork that interprets and demonstrates the visually permanent metaphors hidden behind our experiences that connect all of our lives,” says the artist.

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