TopoGraph - CODAworx

Client: Anonymous

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Project Manager

Lea Weingarten

Weingarten Art Group

Assistant Project Manager

Allison Jagers

Weingarten Art Group


Melissa Borrell


Inspired by the topography of the Texas Hill Country and the graphic nature of financial data charts, Austin based Melissa Borrell created a site-specific installation for a financial services firm located in Downtown Austin.

The iconic graph lines of financial market fluctuations and the layered patters in topographical drawings each echo the same concept of change over time. Looking to communicate this concept in the installation, Borrell crafted 34 individual elements each as undulating lines that, when viewed together, form a topographic landscape as they cascade down the 22-foot atrium wall.

The installation can be viewed from all angles; above, directly underneath, from either side, and even as you descend from a staircase, resulting in new perspectives for viewers as they move throughout the space.


Our goal with this installation was to activate this key focal point with a meaningful and dynamic artwork that was unique to the space and mindful of the client’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices.


We issued an RFP to local Austin artists to find the artist who would best reflect the values and ethos of the client and their beautiful space.

Melissa Borrell delivered, seamlessly connecting the financial dealings of the office with the natural themes of the Austin area landscape. She listened as the client expressed their commitment to environmentally responsible practices and incorporated this into the installation, using natural, locally sourced, and environmentally sustainable materials. The considerations of both the external landscape and internal mission of the company were all reflected in the proposal for Topograph and the installation was completed just 3 short months later.