"Together" - CODAworx


Client: BLINK Cincinnati (2022)

Location: Cincinnati, OH, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

OGE Design Group

ISH Festival Cincinnati


“Together,” was created by community participants of various ages, including children and the elderly, joined forces to paint vibrant flowers, graceful butterflies, and majestic birds, symbolizing the essence of life itself. These awe-inspiring artworks were then brought to life through animation and projected onto colossal hands, forming a heart that carried a powerful message of collective creation and collaboration in shaping our future. The result was a captivating video mapping display that elevated the impact of this project.

Situated in the picturesque Smale Riverfront Park, the installation was a remarkable community endeavor born out of a collaboration between OGE and Cincinnati’s ISH Festival for BLINK Cincinnati 2022. With its prime location at the brink of Downtown, the park provided an exquisite vantage point overlooking the Ohio River, with the iconic John A. Roebling Bridge and the scenic views of Kentucky across the river serving as a breathtaking backdrop for the installation. This setting beautifully showcased the power of the community, highlighting its ability to bring forth a profound and visually striking representation of unity and creativity.


The goals of this project were to reveal the powerful message that our future can only be shaped through collective support and to emphasize the importance of coming together as a community. Through the video mapping display, the project aimed to showcase countless drawings and artworks contributed by members of Cincinnati's Jewish community. By featuring these diverse creations, the project sought to create a joyful celebration of life, art, and community. The overarching goal was to inspire unity, collaboration, and the recognition of the collective strength that emerges when individuals join forces.