Tin ora silensio ta e mihó muzik (Sometimes silence is the best music) - CODAworx

Tin ora silensio ta e mihó muzik (Sometimes silence is the best music)

Submitted by Ellen Spijkstra

Client: Curaçao Medical Center

Location: Willemstad, Curaçao, Netherlands

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $16,750

Project Team

Curation on behalf of Rotary Club of Curaçao

Lusette Verboom

Gallery Alma Blou

A few elements of the mural are made by the students during workshop sessions in my studio

Instituto Buena Bista

The silence/prayer room was still under construction at the start of my project, so I based my plan on the drawings and explanations of the architect

Lyongo Juliana

OeverzaaijerLyongo Architects


Ellen Spijkstra


Macro photos of body cells were used as an inspiration for the surface decorations as well as for the composition of the installation. These images are an abstract reference to the purpose of the location which is the silence/prayer room of our new Curaçao hospital.
The material used is glazed stoneware, the dimensions are ca. 1200 x 30 x 185 cm.


Since most people that will make use of a silence/prayer room of a hospital will be in a nervous and anxious state of mind, I wanted the mural to create a feeling of peace, tranquility and beauty. With enough details to distract peoples minds in a positive way.


This project was curated by Lusette Verboom on behalf of the Rotary club of Curaçao. On her request I involved art students of the Instituto Buena Bista to participate in the process. Each student made an object of which a few of the best were selected to be part of the final mural. Lyongo Juliana, one of the architects of the hospital, collaborated in the conceptual phase by providing his view on the purpose of the silence room.

Additional Information

My country Curaçao is not in your country list. Therefore I used "Netherlands" because Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean, is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. However the location of my project is not in the Netherlands but in Curaçao, in their new hospital.