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Time will tell, P.S I.S 314 Q

Client: Public Art for Public Schools at New York City School Construction Authority

Location: Queens, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Monika Bravo

Project Manager

Grace Ramirez

NYC School Construction Authority

Production Manager MB studio

Juan Carlos Ortiz

Studio Manager MB studio

Camilo Leyva

Glass Fabricator

Pulp Studios


The transformation of space: from landscape to the cityscape, shaped by nature, reshaped by migration, language, and culture. 13 glass murals floating on the ceiling of the Atrium and corridor depict layers of information gathered by time, spaces divided by the mind, places shaped by emotions and people.


To give children a sense of place, history, and vision.


The artwork was designed 4 years prior to the fabrication, and it evolved into a more colorful piece. She worked around the architect's design for the walls influenced very much her choice of the color. Monika worked together with the fabricator to find the best way in which the materials and the hardware needed to be floating on the walls and suspended from the ceiling.

Additional Information

 I am a multi-disciplinary artist born in Bogotá, Colombia. I studied fashion design in Rome & Paris and photography in London and NYC. I moved to Miami Beach, during 2020. I embody my own perspective and no longer seek “truth”; my vision is a synthesis of all disciplines, guiding me to manifest a reality that matches my desire to evolve. I create mesmerizing environments for public spaces, intimate interpersonal interactions through astrological readings, and meaningful spaces for individual and communal development through talks and workshops. I enjoy directing and producing diverse projects, from complex multi-media installations and public art commissions to artists’ books, textile design, and community workshops – thus, I see no boundaries between the applied and fine arts. I thrive in situations where I am working with limitations and constraints, creating opportunities for innovative projects that serve communities for years to come. I enjoy challenging myself with new technologies and materials, and discovering new ways of manifesting my ideas to fit the needs of the location.