Submitted by Robert DuGrenier Associates, Inc.


Client: TIFFANY & CO.

Location: SEATTLE, WA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $28,000


Design, produce and install custom lighting sculptures for a new concept store for Tiffany & Co. Dimensions approximately 8.5’l x 18″w x 3’h, made of hand-blown glass suspended on stainless steel cables from metal frame.


Tiffany & Co.s new concept store is meant to showcase their contemporary fashion collections in a more artful and accessible way and uses a neutral color palette and design elements including beach stones and sea-foam green glass. The chandelier evokes the movement of water, of fish swimming together, the movement of clouds in the sky, patterns of ice in a frozen river.


The client gave us the size parameters for a chandelier to hang over the main sales counter and requested that we create a multi-piece glass lighting sculpture that would coalesce with their new, more casual shopping experience. We submitted several design concepts and met with their design team to fine-tune the selected design.

Additional Information

All of the glass pieces were blown in our southern Vermont studio which is powered in part by solar energy.