Thunderbird - CODAworx



Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


S Beck

S Beck The Artist

Lead Sales Consultant

Bryan Popin

Little Boy Wonder Music


Custom painting. Original. One of a kind. Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas. 30” x 40” x 1.5”


To simply beautify a blank space through the inspiration of music. This work is a custom, original and one of a kind acrylic, mixed media on canvas. Art, like music, is a form of communication not limited to the restrictive use of a specific sound or language. It can easily inspire, speak, sing or be felt by it

S Beck is also greatly influenced and inspired by the structures, landforms, plains, plateaus and textured minerals found right within her Nashville environment. Each of her works display a bare canvas that is predominantly covered in acrylics, oils and other forms of media, such as; ink, graphite, plaster, spray paint, glass, foils, rocks, sand and earth— aka TN dirt. Her interpretive works produce not only vivid detail, but also showcase her overarching thought of contemplating the truth found in each of life’s moments we are presented with.

Her preference; allowing the sound and emotion of the moment to flow through her, both intuitively and expressively. She feels this is the best way to convey the raw expression and essence of who she is. With only a palette knife, she begins to create layer upon layer of vivid detail, depth, colors & texture producing her very own, one of a kind, custom symphony. In a way very similar to writing a song or a music composition.


S Beck The Artist starts with a blank canvas and begins to create layer upon layer of depth and detail to establish her signature background. More time goes into the background with distressing, hints of colors, foils, rock, dirt, glass, etc. Then, what most people only see in the forefront, a featured guitar or piano keys is added as the main focal point. So much depth, vivid color tones and mixed media materials represent each custom, original, one of a kind painting by S Beck.

Additional Information

While traveling the world as a fashion/runway model with some of the world’s top modeling agencies, S Beck found her world consumed by an intense level of fashion, music and the arts. This would quickly become the catalyst to influence the inspiration to her own unique style and future works of art. After the high-paced world of fashion, she decided to settle down and live a much slower paced life in Music City, aka Nashville, TN. Together, her and her husband, an award-winning producer/writer and artist in music, both seemed to connect over their mutual love for culture and the creative arts. While he was in the music recording studio, aka - the lab creating music, S Beck would then channel that creative energy into her own interpretation of visual artistry. A self proclaimed workaholic, addicted to her craft and always envisioning the creation of her next greatest work. When not in her art studio, S Beck can be found at home in the rolling hills of mid-TN with her husband, children and European Doberman-Pinscher.