Client: Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden Des Moines Public Art Foundation.

Location: Iowa, IA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team


Juanjo Novella




Threshold” is a 16-foot-tall leaf made of steel and commissioned by the
Des Moines Public Art Foundation.

It is dedicated in memory of Tom Urban, Jr., a former Des Moines mayor
who died in 2021. In the heart of the capital of Iowa, Des Moines is located the Botanical
Garden which runs along the river and whose gardens are observable from
many parts of the city.


This sculpture is an arch, a door that marks a threshold in the new development
of the botanical garden. Its title THRESHOLD suggests a magic
milestone on the road and configures an identity marking.


Dynamism and visual simplicity have been sought. Technically speaking,
this sculpture, despite appearing simple, is extremely complex for many
reasons. The orientation and layout of the piece allow us to enjoy highly changing
visuals depending on the route as well as a stimulating set of shadows that
envelop the passerby.

Additional Information

By Clicking on the link you can see a video of the process of Threshold sculpture