Three Nudes - CODAworx

Three Nudes

Submitted by Janet Mueller

Client: The Wilzig Museum Building

Location: Miami Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

created art for mobile

Janet Mueller

visualized mobile for space

Helmut Schuster

balanced and hung mobile



Hanging Mobile 90 x 120 in.
acrylic on canvas, mixed media, plexiglass tubes, monofilament, wood rod

Three Nudes is comprised of three individual sculptures which hang from a rod. Each sculpture is a mobile in itself where various sections hang separately from a plastic tube. Each hanging mobile represents a female nude.


Three Nudes hangs in the Wilzig Museum Building where the main museum features a collection of erotic art.
The large mobile fits the theme of the museum while being abstract and vague.


I was asked by the director of the museum to create a large mobile.
The installer balanced the piece and hung it with cable from the ceiling.

Additional Information

Three Nudes is for sale by the Wilzig Museum Building