Theremin Bollards Strong Museum - CODAworx

Theremin Bollards Strong Museum

Submitted by David Young

Client: Strong Museum

Location: Rochester, NY, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $16,500

Project Team

Industry Resource

Martin Klang

Rebel Technology

Industry Resource

Iain Scott

ISF Engineering

Industry Resource

Jake Rothman

Jake Rothman


David Young

Interact and Connect

Industry Resource

Paul Fothergill



Theremin Bollards are interactive sonic sculptures will blow your mind. All ages and abilities are invited to throw their best shapes around – your movements will be translated back to you as music. We call it, the interactive sound sculpture anyone can play.


Theremin Bollards designed to be part of an exhibit called Rockets and Robots. Our interactive music making device was designed to provide a fun, stable and reliable exhibit that would endure daily use from a young and enthusiastic audience. Our unique Theremin system was installed and offered remote Theremin Tuning and a 10 preset Theremin DSP unit.


Interact and Connect had a eight week deadline for this commission and worked closely with the museum exhibits team. We successfully communicated remotely, providing technical documents, including CAD designs, electronic specifications, shipping and installation support, including: detailed manual and online/phone support and spare parts.

Additional Information

The installation was a special request and pushed our normal delivery time scale to the extreme. We were able to meet the deadline for delivery and provided everything necessary for the museum team to build and install Theremin Bollards themselves.