Then Now A Dream - CODAworx

Then Now A Dream

Submitted by Nathaniel Ancheta

Client: Art In Residence

Location: quartz hill, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Nathaniel Ancheta


Dave Martin

Metal Shop

Molten Metal Works

Molten Metal Works


What was, what is, what might be and what might have been coalesce in this site-specific installation. Made from common construction materials as well as found -materials- scavenged from the site painted an uncanny shade of supersaturated blue, four pronghorn antelope sculptures represent the landscape’s past and look with perennial hope to the blooming of the poppies on the hills and fields beyond. The antelopes represent several layers of tension between belonging and unbelonging, animals that once lived here and now elsewhere, an unnatural blue that represents the future. Forms from the past, materials form the present — the dreams of yesterday haunt the present like a specter.

The installation includes 4 life size DIY sculptures of a pronghorn antelope, made of rebar and found/discarded material and painted super saturated blue.


The inclusion of commissioned artwork into the "Then now a Dream" project served several purposes. The four sculptures of pronghorn antelopes, made of a combination of construction materials and found objects from the site, were painted in a strikingly vivid shade of blue, evoking a sense of otherworldliness. These sculptures were meant to symbolize the region's past and the enduring hope for a prosperous future, as evidenced by the blooming poppies on the nearby hills and fields. Through their presence, the antelopes also embody a complex tension between belonging and unbelonging, as creatures that once thrived in the area but have now been displaced. The use of materials from the present and past, and the surreal blue hue, adds a layer of depth to the installation, highlighting the haunting presence of the past in the present. Overall, the integration of commissioned artwork into the project was a crucial element of the design, offering a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience for visitors.


collaboration with Dave Martin was a highly involved and hands-on process. In addition to discussing the theme and execution of the installation, the project team also had to learn new skills, such as welding, to help fabricate the sculptures. Through this process, the team was able to fill in gaps in each other's skill sets and gain a deeper understanding of each other's strengths and perspectives.

This collaboration seems to have been a successful one, as it not only resulted in a striking installation but also led to the birth of a non-profit organization, Art In Residence, located in Antelope Acres, CA.

Additional Information

This project was made for the first exhibition of the launch of Art In Residence (501-c3). These sculptures are now located at the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster, CA.