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The Zoa

Submitted by Martin Taylor



Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Martin Taylor



Geoff Godfrey

Insomniac Events


Shane Spring

Toronto Light Art Festival


Karla Hernandez

The DoLab


The Zoa is an interactive, kinetic, light sculpture. Simultaneously alien and familiar, the Zoa is reminiscent of toys, a candy, or a single cell organism (hence the name). This mega-microbe invites participants to see the world from a different perspective and rediscover their sense of wonder and play.


The Zoa was designed to be a temporary, interactive, light installation that could be installed quickly (under two hours) and transported easily. The sculpture utilizes an inflatable form suspended from a metal stand. The stand can be erected by hand without heavy equipment and features a winch for raising the inflatable. The installation has appeared at over 30 events around the world.


The Zoa was designed and partially fabricated by Martin Taylor with the intent of leasing the sculpture to multiple different events. Events want art that is engaging, relatively easy and cost effect to setup, and safe. The Zoa's inflatable design makes shipping the sculpture easy and interacting with it safe. The reflective material combined with the internal lighting creates a dynamic and magical appearance that is enjoyable in both day and night. The kinetic design is enjoyable to watch from a distance or interact with up close.