The World of Spheres - CODAworx

The World of Spheres

Submitted by Javid JAH


Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Structural Engineering

Michael Hopkins

Blackwell Engineers


Alex Akbari

Qube Inc

Graphic Design / Drafting

Carol Ann Apilado


Javier Duenas

The Edisons


Guy Pavelo

Far Right Productions


Umbereen Inayet

UI Inc

Art Director

Swizz Beats

Good Intentions

Laser Water Jet Cutting

Tom Loach

CNC Profiles


Nicolas Sinclair

Dudeman Art


Illuminated jewel-like sculptures in pools symbolize the planets along the corniche of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Each sculpture is perforated with sacred geometry along with the Divine name of each planetary heaven in Arabic, based on the cosmology of the great Sufi scholar, Ibn al-Arabi. The permanent artworks were installed for the Formula 1 race in December 2021, and will remain a feature of Jeddah’s new corniche.


The goal was to express the symbolic meanings of the planets through lamp-like objects, inspired by the notion of the Morrocan lamp. In addition, their placement in pools create reflections in day and night that invite viewers to contemplate the deeper significance of cosmic observation.


The artworks were curated by Umbereen Inayet with Art Direction by Swizz Beats (Good Intentions). They were installed by Far Right Productions in concert with Sela in Saudi Arabia. Fabrication took place in Toronto at my studio in collaboration with Qube Inc (Alex Akbari) with aluminum cutting by CNC Profiles. Graphics and drafting by Carol Ann Apilado and structural engineering by Blackwell.