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The Wishing Tree

Client: Brookfield Properties

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $320,000

Project Team


Gizmo Art Production

Sculpture Designers


Sound Artist

Doug Quinn

Sound Artist

Jason Reinier

Metal Casters

Form 3D


The Wishing Tree is a cast bronze sculpture that brings to life a previously empty atrium at the heart of the Grand Canal Shopping Center at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a captivating sight—14 feet tall and reminiscent of a twisting olive tree. The boughs stretch 28 feet across the central gallery covered in 3500 gold leaves with tiny glass birds perched among its winding branches.


The goal of this project was to make an ethereal space. “Imagine this tree sits at the edge of a forest, beyond the forest is a meadow through which a small river meanders. You are visually drawn to it at the centre of this space you can glimpse down the shopping mall’s long hallways. And then you hear it—an oasis of sound and light and suddenly you are in this immersive space.” Jason Reinier


Gizmo worked with Form 3D to create molds and then casted the different bronze tree elements. The branches were welded to the main trunk and all of the surfaces were powder coated with pearlescent white. Gizmo painted the individual gold leaves that were then attached to the branches. The piece was delivered and installed to the Venetian Hotel. During the fabrication process the sound designer were working on the space to accentuate the tree and to make thee sculpture and sound a full experience.

Additional Information

There are unique soundscapes for each time period in the day: sunrise, morning, mid day, afternoon, sunset, evening and nighttime.