The White Mirror - CODAworx

The White Mirror

Submitted by D3 Spaces&Creatures

Client: Nubank

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $93,628

Project Team


Edson Pavoni

D3 Spaces&Creatures


Carolina Anselmo

D3 Spaces&Creatures


Guilherme Bullejos

D3 Spaces&Creatures


Junior Góis


André Biagioni


Dimitre Lima


Henrique Périgo


Erick Maniusis


Commissioned by Nubank, we created an art installation for their recently redesigned headquarters' lobby, in São Paulo. The challenge was to design a permanent site-specific interactive piece to enhance their disruptive essence for the public.
The White Mirror was, then, conceived to celebrate the beauty of people's energy overlapping to create the future. It's a 4 meters tall over 22 meters wide acrylic panel, seemingly analogical until someone walks in front of it revealing a light creature behind the materials. When two people cross their paths, their creatures collide exploding in colours and motion celebrating the togetherness and encounters' power.


Early from the beginning, creating an interactive installation like The White Mirror requires connecting several disciplines, making it very collaborative in order to create a great reference of artistic and technologic piece bringing an unprecedented experience.
As we aimed to create an interactive installation that could represent the startup's essence, we had to focus on developing a seamless and sublime piece that, at the same time, could show their modern style and also responsible goals for the future. As they opened their entrance's lounge to the public, this art piece also had to communicate in order to build a closer connection between them and their clients and admirers.
Therefore, all the design process was based on a close and direct relation between all the integrating parts: the commissioners and the developers. Everyone had a decisive and collaborative role to deliver an art piece that could enhance and reinvent the way we see the power and beauty of people's encounters.


The whole process was collaborative, since building an interactive installation requires several disciplines’ knowledge. As the head of the core team is my job to conciliate every input and drive us on the road of our concept running straight to our goal.
With levels of development, initially the process starts with a small group - the core team - which aims to develop and consolidate a great and enhancing concept. On the next steps, we start to integrate more specialized people into the process to develop it further. Each professional has the role of sharing their very specific knowledge to build up together a great and high quality piece. By summing, intersecting, overlapping and developing every skills and background we were able to achieve an experience that not only by talking about the startup's disruptive essence, but also recreating the notion we have about workspace.
Like the installation core subject, we believed in the importance of the exchange of people's knowledges, backgrounds and experiences. It reflected on the dynamics, motion and overall look & feel of the piece.

Additional Information

To develop this site-specific installation, all the hardware was accurately designed and developed to make the best usage and to integrate perfectly with the building. The software was customized using computer vision to track the people's movement in different light conditions. The light creatures are made of very intricate 3D polygons generated in real time. So, during the encounter explosion, they permeate each other in form and color. The uniqueness and innovation of the White Mirror resides on being a great reminder of people’s individual essence and its disruptive potential when joint to others in any instance of living.