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The Webster – Narrative Lighting Wall

Client: The Webster

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team


David Adjaye, Marc McQuade & team

Adjaye Associates

Video Artist

Kahlil Joseph


Mike West & team

Neumann/Smith Architecture


Peggy Gooding & team

Jacobsen Swinerton Joint Venture


Josh VanBlankenship & design team


Artist Support

Isaiah Montoya & team


Programming support

Jeremiah Montoya & team



The unique immersive-art landmark installation for the luxury clothing store The Webster at the newly renovated Beverly Center in West Hollywood is a fully integrated architectural experience for the store’s modern layout. Designed by renowned architect David Adjaye and executive architect Neumann-Smith, the entrance includes a custom lighting technology installation by StandardVision and featuring the work of contemporary artist Kahlil Joseph. The result is a new one-of-a-kind illuminated destination and public art piece for The Webster’s flagship location in Los Angeles’ famed luxury district.


The goal was to produce a new form of public/private high art experience that effortlessly integrates an immersive pedestrian experience, with a sophisticated brand, but is capable of being fully appreciated independently as a participatory narrative. The design suggests how physical commercial spaces can transform into immersive environments that reflect the future of high end retail.


StandardVision collaborated with renowned architect David Adjaye and executive architect Nuemann/Smith by providing a unique and custom LED lighting design that employs reflective technology to achieve complete hardware invisibility. The design incorporates a unique display approach that utilizes repeated linear curves inside of a dome shaped interior. The elegant facade reflects hidden LED lighting created by StandardVision to continuously display a 2-story video art piece by Kahlil Joseph, commissioned by The Webster. In addition to supplying the comprehensive technology system for the ongoing exhibition, StandardVision’s in-house creative team also consulted with artist Khalil Joseph to help navigate the bespoke resolution constraints and support the translation of his socially conscious and poetic practice into an all encompassing blend of visuals.