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The WayPointe, a mixed use development

Submitted by Joanne Brody Spielman

Client: Carmel Partners

Location: NORWALK, CT, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $140,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Joanne Brody Spielman

Brody Art Concepts

Interior Designer

Jeffrey Ornstein

J/Brice Design International


Monroe Isenberg


Marco Gallotta


Logan Hicks


The project involved the creation of “placemaking” locales within the expansive apartment/mixed use complex. Two nautically inspired murals were commissioned; one on an exterior wall visible from the street, and the other on a wall in a breezeway connecting to a parking garage. Two sculptures were wall-mounted; one is constructed of laser-cut COR TEN metal where the metal is cut into abstract shapes, then backlit, the other is constructed of interlocking carved wood panels, with painted images of water, referencing the project’s locale and association with the sea, along with other imagery.


The goal was to have artwork not only define the space in which it resides, but also to reinforce the community’s identity through imagery that resonates with its locale. Further, the artwork helped define spaces within the mixed-use development. Brody Art Concepts partnered with a well-known international design firm, J/Brice Design International, on the project. The art was a major component of an overall placemaking design that incorporated many elements, imagery and materials in a large format.


The project was a collaboration between Brody Art Concepts (BAC) as the art consultant and J/Brice Design as the project’s overall designer. J/Brice and BAC toured the property to identify locations for placemaking artwork.
From this effort, four locations were identified, themes selected, and artists were commissioned. BAC contracted with three artists to develop and realize the vision of J/Brice’s design. Muralist Logan Hicks executed two very intricate nautically-themed murals, Artist Monroe Isenberg executed a 10’ by 14’ complex wooden sculpture and Artist Marco Gallotta created a 10’ by 20’ sculpture constructed of laser-cut COR TEN metal with LED lighting.