The Trust and Doubt Benches - CODAworx

The Trust and Doubt Benches

Submitted by Linda Hesh

Client: Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts

Location: Baltimore, MD, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Baltimore Office of Promotion of the Arts


Commercial Bench Company

Commerical Bench Company


The “Trust and Doubt Benches” are two benches that are each 6 ft long, 32” high and 24” deep. They are made of steel coated in colorful Thermoplastic to resist graffiti and withstand all weather circumstances. The bright appealing colors attract attention and draw viewers to the project. The words “Trust” and “Doubt” are opposing concepts chosen to stimulate the imagination and start conversations as you sit down and interact with the art.


This project was a result of an open call for art and as such were not connected to any other design. It was also moved to several different locations.


There was no collaboration needed in this project after the initial proposal.

Additional Information

On several special event days the public was invited to pose for portraits on the bench of their choice and tell what they Trust or Doubt. The photographs were captioned with their opinions for an online gallery. Signage invited the public to participate in the project on their own to consider what they Trust or Doubt.