The Tree of Life - CODAworx

The Tree of Life

Submitted by IDEATE

Client: Cedar Group

Location: Jaipur, India

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Anindya Ghosh



Cedar Group


Cedar Luxuria is a multi-family housing society developed by the Cedar Group, in Jaipur, India. The development is one of their pilot projects and hence there was a special care and design directive to showcase the best of its kind development in terms of architecture, interiors, landscape and its public art through installations, sculptures and graffiti.


We felt there is a need to energize the space not only in the late afternoons and early mornings but also late in the evenings and nights. The space had the potential to tell all of us a story. We did a lot of alternative design schemes involving designing of certain type of lights, seats, mounds etc. but none of these were convincing to us to fulfil the potential of the space. And at the same time, Client also wanted to retain the green space free from any obstructions for any sort of energizer we were designing. Finally we thought of the blank lift wall – almost 45 meters in height to turn in to a live installation. ¬¬And that was the history of the brief.


Everything was done with the in house team of architects, lighting designers and local fabrication team on site.

Additional Information

The space is animated with users who lazily fill up the lawn under the steel tree and wildly interpret the art as tree, as people flying kites, as a flock of birds flying and transforms to a starry night.