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The Syntropy App: The Art of Wellbeing

Submitted by Allie Joy

Client: Syntropy States

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Gavin Andrews

Syntropy States

Technical Manager

Phoenix Pentey

Syntropy States


Syntropy is a unique wellbeing app that utilises the power of abstract and psychedelic art and mood enhancing music to help you de-stress, relax and re-balance any time, any place. Syntropy is an ever-growing gallery of exquisite video artworks. The art is predominantly abstract and psychedelic and includes a variety of digital generative and mixed media approaches. The music includes ambient, electronica, traditional instruments, 8D/binaural and even music made from plant biofeedback! Simply put, Syntropy is about beautiful art to absorb the mind and gorgeous music to positively impact emotions. We have over 65 original video artworks exhibiting within the app, representing an incredible diversity of styles created by artists and musicians from across the globe. The world of wellbeing apps is getting a bit busy and (dare we say it) a bit boring too. We’re doing something very different and breaking new ground both in terms of the nature of our artistic content and our approach to partnering with artists and musicians for our content creation. Syntropy is the opposite of entropy. It means the emergence of order from chaos, which is exactly what the video artworks in the app help you to achieve – order and balance in your thoughts, emotions and physiology.


We’ve innovated a pioneering approach whereby we use global open call platforms like Zealous for outreach and to brief and attract talent. We then commission and “match make” international artists and musicians. They collaborate remotely, across borders, and co-create mesmerising abstract and psychedelic video artworks for the Syntropy app. When viewed, the video artworks have a powerful mental, physical and emotional impact (within just a few minutes), and in addition to being enjoyed in their own right, they have also been designed to make relaxation, breathwork, focused attention meditation and emotion regulation practise easy and enjoyable.


We’ve come up with a truly symbiotic approach:
We reach out to artists and musicians and tell them who we are, what we’re about and what we’re looking for.
We make it easy for artists and musicians to collaborate internationally by curating and doing the match-making and introductions for them.
We empower them to create art for wellbeing and play their part in healing our stressed and unhappy society.
We pay them fairly for their talent.
We promote each Artist and Musician of the Week and then showcase them in the Artist Profile section of our website. This includes links to their own websites and social media. We also produce video interviews with them which we promote across our social media and showcase on our YouTube channel.
And in return we get loads of amazing content for our app!

Additional Information

We're on Kickstarter to raise funds for Syntropy! We release a new video artwork into the Syntropy app every Monday, and after our successful launch, we’re fundraising to commission more artists and musicians for a whole year’s worth of releases – yes, 52 videos! We also need funds to promote Syntropy and all the amazing artists who contribute to it. We want our artists and musicians to benefit beyond what we pay them - we want to help boost their profiles and careers. The way we can do that is by exposing them to a growing audience (by growing our app subscriptions), and by engaging in direct promotion of our artists and musicians across social media, website, email etc, and by building community.