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The Shrine of Hronim

Submitted by Sasha Meret

Client: Benjamin Aryeh, Paul Brown Hawaii, Yann Feron, Bobby Buoncristiano

Location: New York, New York, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Sasha Meret

Cristian Balint


Cristian Balint


Benjamin Aryeh

Rafael Collection


Den Marino


Vera Curly


Shaun Ross


Aram Sun

Lucid Medias

Art Consultant

Michael Deluca

Michael Deluca Visuals


The Shrine of Hronim is an installation-environment that incorporates most of my work as a visual artist, designer, photographer, writer together with the collaborations that come along. It is a fragment of a virtual parallel world where creativity is celebrated as the most prominent quality of an individual and where fashion is the main venue for expressing it.
The size is around 500 sf (adjustable) with 17 ft high ceiling (also adjustable).


The integration of commissioned work is essential because it allows me to concentrate on my main project while making an income to cover my expenses. My interaction with clients, assistants, consultants triggers new directions in the evolution of my work and this way the overall concept of the installation has an organic flow.


Most of my collaborations are with photographers, stylists, models and film makers and it's a two way street. I am always open to suggestion and eager to try new media. Often they come with ideas for pictorials and I create or adjust existing props, objects or whole outfits. I had to expand my circle of collaborators because the quantity of work to be done was impossible for one person. I am a problem solver so I find any new challenge exciting.

Additional Information

This project has a essential therapeutic component being strongly linked to my Early Parkinson's condition I was diagnosed with over 11 years ago. After adjusting the medication and coming to terms with the physical limitations generated by this disease as well as the compulsive-obsessive side effects of the medication I realized that maintaining a creative state of mind and focusing on work and positive thinking I could literally skip medication. Working an average of 14-16 hours a day I developed concepts and rules that govern my world and are at the foundation of the narrative accompanying my project.