The roadrunner - CODAworx

The roadrunner

Submitted by Helle Scharling-Todd

Client: School

Location: Bapchule, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $16,000

Project Team


Laurie Post

Tela Art Resource


Helle Scharling-Todd



The roadrunner project is a wonderful story of how an animal can intervene, connect and help humans. The story goes that a roadrunner stels lightning fire with a fire stick in the mouth to the left of the image. It then returns towards the right side of the image with the fire stick and gives it to the humans. The humans are happy, as the fire can give better living conditions. The lightening God is angry and tries to shoot the roadrunner with arrows on fire while running. The upper left corner is black, and a counter balance to the yellows, greens and red. In the black I inserted a circle with lightening, representing the lightning God.The piece measures 6’x 7′,


The goal of the integration of the story into the outside wall, of the school is the children learning about this legend, and the importance of animal's role for humans.


I had a fine collaboration with the art agent Laurie Post, Tela Art resource Agency, and she with the school.

Additional Information

The story was great, and it shown the importance of animals for the Indians.