The Pirn Installation - CODAworx

The Pirn Installation

Submitted by Susan Lenz

Client: Cambria Hotel

Location: Columbia, SC, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Susan Lenz

Mouse House, Inc.

art consultant/curator

Hannah Penny



Commissioned through NINE dot ARTS, this installation features 400+ wooden textile pirns (commonly but incorrectly known as “spindles”). Each one is wrapped in one of two shapes of three different colors selected by the hotel’s interior design team. Different lengths of jute twine and a specialty screw were attached. After eight hours, the pirns were screwed into the reinforced ceiling to create an organic entryway from the hotel’s main entrance to the reception desk.


The vision for the hotel focused on Columbia's history as a major textile producing hub. It was of paramount importance that the installation spoke to both the hotel's fashionable design, to a sense of Southern charm, and to the textile industry.


This project was a success due to teamwork. Although the idea, process, and actual installation were mine alone, input from the interior design team and the contractor resulted in excellent design work, appropriate structural materials, and a well coordinated installation plan

Additional Information

This project was one of several that were commissioned through NINE dot ARTS for my creative artworks. Others included a 5' x 9' 2D artwork featuring miles of unraveled thread with no visible means of support for the vertical presentation, original artworks for the two public bathrooms, and 145 original artworks for the guest rooms.