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The Phoenix

Client: CROET, Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee

Location: Oak Ridge, TN, United States

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Lawrence Young



Doug Janney



The challenge was to provide an iconic monument to celebrate both the past of Oak Ridge’s technological achievements and its future potential by employing the symbol of a phoenix rising from flames and ashes. The sculpture stands at 18′ H x 7’W x 6’D, while the site is approximately 30 feet in diameter, adjacent to the visitor’s center.


On the grounds of the laboratory for creation of the atomic bomb that ended WW2, we were to build a monument that refocused attention to the effort to build a solid future for the next generation of Oak Ridge residents. Horizon Park is an industrial park that offers firms the chance to build facilities utilizing the area's technological advantages, while locating in a beautiful area where 1/4th of the space will remain green. This sculpture helped focus residents as well as business prospects on a legacy of promise and community.


Director of CROET Lawrence Young was the originator of the vision and marshaled all resources needed for the project. After the sculpture concept sketches and model were approved, architect Doug Janney designed a dramatic site of stone that created a truly monumental impact for the community. And the local utility helped ensure the natural gas access & connections that enable the eternal flame to function well. This project became a beacon of hope and faith for Oak Ridge.

Additional Information

It was a dream job - a wonderful teamwork servicing a great vision for the community!