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The Petit Cheval du Fer

Submitted by Cynthia Sáenz

Client: Symposium International de la sculptur

Location: Saint Georges, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Luc Thibaudeau

Beauce Art

Technical Advisor

Philippe Pallafray

Beauce Art

Technical Advisor

Paul Duval

Beauce Art


The Petit Cheval project was created in Canada, Saint-Georges (Québec) organizer of the International Sculpture Symposium, in 2018, the duration of the symposium was 18 days, the sculptures were placed in the Lacasse park.

The little iron horse is a wire sculpture, symbolizing a being that has marked the history of humanity, has been moved by sea or land reaching places where it did not inhabit, to procreate and facilitate the lives of many pioneers.
Horses have been great performers in the history of mankind, being at the beginning the base of the economic development of a city, was the preferred animal for the agricultural activities, as well as means of transport, used in the military activity, solving the necessities in difficult topography.
The Petit Cheval, arriving to Canada by the times of King Louis XIV, being descendants of French races. On the first voyage, in 1665, only two stallions and twelve mares survived, then more specimens were sent, making a good colony of steeds of great strength and endurance, so the king sold them to the farmers for agricultural uses.

Knowing as the little iron horse, precisely because of its strength, will, curiosity and resistance to extreme climates.


With these sculptural projects I always feel proud, they select me for the work, works that we do in a few days, they are generally exhibited in public spaces.
It fills me with great honor to know that my work is appreciated in different parts of the world.


I started drawing a silhouette on the floor,
then I'll shaping the wire according to the drawing, formed two wire silhouettes wire.
then I hang it to become tying with short pieces of wire, all the pieces are reinforcing to create the horse.
These structures are made by weaving the wire, I twist or screw in, without using welding processing.
At first she works alone, then other people get involved, especially with the subject of painting and final installation in the park.

Additional Information

The Petit Cheval du Fer. Sculpture in Galvanized Wire - Stainless Steel. Automotive paint. 2.50 x 0.60 x 3.00m