The Opportunist (A Crow’s Meal) - CODAworx

The Opportunist (A Crow’s Meal)


Location: Eau Claire, WI, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Terry Meyer

Industry Resource

Greg Johnson

Artisan Forge Metal Works


The design reflects a lifelong fascination with crows and their opportunistic nature. The use of steel rods to comprise the majority of the crow’s body are an adaptation of the Ancient Australian Aboriginal portrayals of animals, in what is referred to as “X-Ray Art”, as muscles, sinew and bones. The spaces, both negative and positive, are built to express energy and motion. The Opportunist is 6’ High x 10’ wide x 5’ deep. It is soft steel, welded rods and sheets (some Core 10), spray painted and rusting.


The goals were:
To represent the presence of a crow eating a recent found meal.
To maintain a sense of movement that is much like a sketch and to channel the ancient, aboriginal X-RAY art of Australia.