The Meditation Room 2012 - CODAworx

The Meditation Room 2012

Submitted by xenia lassen

Client: The Meditation School Munach

Location: Grenaa, Denmark

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Aalsrode Toemrerfirma (local carpenter firm) BP Electric (local electricians)


xenia lassen



A permanent installation in a 7 m tall and 250 m2 room, with a Lamp 3,50 m tall centering the room, benches for meditation in wood painted white, floor painted white with white LED light in squares 3.50 m x 3.50 m and 3 glass entries 3.50 m x 3.50 m. The Meditation Room is made for 100 students to meditate and to move freely on the floor. As the only artist, designer and architect my basic idea was to create a magical room where the proportions had an important role so that you would feel very small.


The goal by integrating light art into this project was to add transparency and the beauty of light being refracted into colors in a white room used for working with the transparency and the light of consciousness in meditation.
The Lamp centering the room is made in transparent acrylic and transparent and mirroring plexiglass radiant. The idea with the transparent Lamp is to free as much light as possible and in the same time show the beauty of light. Plexiglass radiant is a material specially made to refract light into colors. The Lamp is alive 24 hours a day changing colors with the light in the room and the position of the viewer.
The Lamp is 3.50 m tall and 1.20 m wide at the top covering a skylight to let day light and sunshine through the Lamp creating ever changing light patterns on the ceiling, benches, walls and floor. During night time the Lamp is lit with a metal halogenic spot and is making a distinct pattern all over the 250 m2 floor and in the same time coloring the whole room in a very subtle way.


The collaboration between me and a local carpenter firm and a local electric firm has been challenging in the very best way. The local craftsmen had never been involved in a project like this and was depending on my ability to communicate my ideas and goals to them.They responded by using their knowledge and skills in a very creative way when finding the right and the best solution to the many problems during the whole process. When the Meditation Room was finished August 2012 the 2 local firms involved were extremely proud of their work and they are using the finished room as a showroom for customers to see what they are capable to do.