The Journey - CODAworx

The Journey

Submitted by Constance White

Client: San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $2,180,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Constance White, Public Art Agent

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority


Jim Campbell


The Journey starts at the security checkpoint of the San Diego International Airport. As you travel down the North Concourse, suspended just below the ceiling, the light ribbon is made out of 40,000 small spheres that create a virtual surface spanning 700 feet long. As one looks up, simple images will flutter along the way to other airport destinations.


The goal of this commission included creating an artwork that served as both art and also a way finding element, using soft cues to lead passengers through the concourse. The artistic concept was further integrated and complemented in the architectural design and finishes in the floor and surrounding environment, creating an all-encompassing atmosphere. The final artwork is successfully integrated in the architecture and adds supplemental lighting to the environment.


One of the main goals throughout this process has been to integrate artwork specific to this site through the collaboration of artists and design teams. From the beginning of this process when visioning for the building was underway, there was a strong communication and collaboration from the Art Program to the design team and architects to integrate art. The artist was selected during the building design process and was able to work closely with designers and architects to influence the design of the space, just as the designers were inspired and influenced by the artwork. Through the entire process, the artwork and the architecture have been coordinated as one to maximize the success of integration.