The Inn at the Ruin - CODAworx

The Inn at the Ruin

Submitted by Sandra Vlock

Client: Paul Goff

Location: Joshua Tree, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Sandra Vlock

Studio Vlock


Paul Goff


Sorge Industries


For The Inn at The Ruin—an adjacent complex of pavilions and community space for The Ruin Venue, Studio Vlock designed a series of Corten steel entry gates and courtyard screens. These are part of the ‘Desert Dream’ collections.


Using architectural elements to define exterior spaces throughout the property, these gates and screens tell a story; knitting together in one cohesive thread The Ruin Venue and now the adjacent Inn at the Ruin through a shared narrative, connecting guests to the magical world of the desert environment. Together, art and architecture contribute to the branding of The Ruin and create an integral place-making experience of the High Desert; engaging people through the power of storytelling.


In keeping with the stark desert environment, these gates and screens were fashioned out of Corten steel plate to weather naturally. The intent of this commission was to both connect guests to the landscape and to define intimate courtyard spaces. The open design permits transparency and frames views of the desert world beyond.

Additional Information

“We have again commissioned Sandra to design several large Corten steel gates and screens for our adjoining property, The Inn at the Ruin. 

Together with the ‘Desert Dream’ Fireball at The Ruin Venue, the effect that these art installations have in creating a strong sense of place and continuity between the two properties is extraordinary!

” — Paul Goff, Owner