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The Hummingbird Palace, Providence

Submitted by esther solondz

Client: City of Providence

Location: Lippitt Park, Providence, RI, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


esther solondz


Monica Shinn

Queen Street Metals


The Hummingbird Palace, Providence is an environmental sculpture about natural processes that change over time. It is constructed to have flowering vines interacting with the manmade structure by growing up and through it. The flowers simultaneously act as attractors for hummingbirds. The piece is 15' high and 17' wide.


The piece was a collaboration between myself and the Parks Department in the city of Providence. It was funded by the state Arts Council along with two private Providence donors. I had alot of freedom to complete the project the way I wanted to, but I am certainly happy to work within more restrictive boundaries.


As I was both the artist and designer on this project, my primary collaborators were my steel fabricator, Monica Shinn (Queen Street Metals), Bristol Marine, (who did all the final spray work for me) and Carmen Boscia and his crew, who were my installers. I also worked with an engineer and assorted studio assistants throughout the process.

Additional Information

It is almost a year since the installation and we are already having wonderful growth on the piece, as well as hummingbirds in the park!